We are glad to see all those who have been out this opening weekend, and we are looking forward to the season and nice weather to come! Please contact us via email through the Contact page and review the Park Rules, which includes Seasonal Camping Policies.

Campground and Park Events

We run lots of fun on-site activities for the young and old all season long!

Latest News from Vacationland
  • *Due date discrepancy* May 28, 2016 - Our apologies, the due date that was indicated in the Fall Notice from 2015 stated “June 15th, 2016”. In honoring what was previously quoted, the Seasonal Fee of $1995 + tax will be due on June 15th, 2016 to avoid
  • Office Hours May 23, 2016 - The office hours for the week of May 23rd are as follows: Monday May 23rd: 12 – 5 Tuesday May 24th: 3 – 7 Wednesday May 25th: 3 – 7 Friday May 27th: 1 – 7 Saturday May 28th: 9