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Office Hours

The office hours for the week of May 23rd are as follows:

Monday May 23rd: 12 – 5
Tuesday May 24th: 3 – 7
Wednesday May 25th: 3 – 7
Friday May 27th: 1 – 7
Saturday May 28th: 9 – 5
Sunday May 29th: 9 – 5

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Wifi 2016

We are actively working on implementing wifi distribution throughout the park. Please check back for updates!

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Activities Schedule

Our focus this season is to provide family oriented events, and regular daily activities for the kids! The schedule will be continuously updated as schedules are confirmed, as well, your feedback and ideas will be considered! Contact Marla via email:

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Power & Water

In anticipation of opening weekend, the power and water will be available to begin preparations on Wednesday May 25th, 2016.

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Request for Site

Please be aware with the change in ownership that we will re-establish a list for those who are interested in another site. It is your responsibility to bring this to the attention of the Office Manager, Marla, even if you have done this previously. Thank you!

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Office Hours 2016

On May 16th, 2016 the office is available for seasonal fee payments which are due on the 29th of May.

Monday May 16: 9-2*
Tuesday May 17: 2-7*
Wednesday May 18: 9-5
Thursday May 19: 1-7*
Friday May 20: 9-5
Saturday May 21: 9-5
Sunday May 22: Office Closed

Please refer back for hours during the week of May 23rd, thank you!

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2016 Season

The 2016 season is May 27th to September 25th!

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Technical Issues

We apologize for the issues in the last week with the web page and email. This is an issue we’ve been working on, and would like to stress the importance to us of having contact with you. If you have been attempting to access the web page, it is now up and running. There are still some issues with the email. Your patience is appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for understanding.

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CBMF 2016


Book your site today for this years main events; presenting The Band Perry, Blake Shelton, and Kenny Chesney. Click the link for our CBMF Policy Page.

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September 27th: Last Day

Reminder: September 27th will be the last day there will be electricity, sewer, or water available.

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