Amenities of Vacationland!

Amenities of Vacationland!

Convenience Store

If you find yourself out of bread, milk or just want a cone of ice cream, our convenience store probably has what you are looking for.   We stock most food items and many RV parts and supplies.
Fire wood for your campfire and we fill 20lbs and 30lbs propane tanks on-site for your bbq and trailer.

While you are there, stop and have a complimentary coffee and chat with your neighbors.

Laundromat and Showers

At Vacationland RV Park we are proud of the cleanliness and quality of our Laundromats, showers, and washroom facilities. Our facilities  include 12 hot showers and 26 flush toilets.
Although the Island soil is pretty to look at it can be pretty difficult to get out of children’s clothing.  We think you will find our facilities up to the job of cleaning both the children and their clothes.

All facilities are located in two separate buildings within  the park for campers convenience.We have received many positive comments on these facilities and we hope that you will be satisfied as well.


There are three garbage bins located at the front of the Park and two garbage bins near the back washroom building.  All garbage must be placed in a clear plastic bag.

There is limited garbage sorting at the garbage bins in the front of the Park.  Additional small cans are setup for sorting of plastics, bottles, and metals.  Please note there is no garbage pickup within the Park and we ask you kindly deposit garbage in the available bins.


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